Howard B. Tat has years of experience in many aspects of legal practice.  He has spent several years practicing civil and family law in New Jersey and New York.

Mr. Tat began his legal career practicing under Judge Herbert J. Stern, learning the art of litigation and trial advocacy.  From there, Mr. Tat has ventured onto various fields of law from commercial transactions to family law.  He has also spent time working for the New Jersey Office of the Public Defender representing underprivileged individuals and parents who have lost custody of their children.

Mr. Tat has used these experience and skills to build a practice focused on assisting our client in navigating the complex legal system in New Jersey.


Mr. Tat  is a graduate of the University of North Carolina: Chapel Hill (B.S. 2003) and Rutgers University Law School (J.D. 2006).

Mr. Tat  was admitted to practice in New Jersey in 2006 and New York in 2007.